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Face to Face Counselling

Struggling with shyness is hard. Struggling with it having no emotional support is harder. 

Shyness feels like you have an invisible cage around you, you can see life happening all around you through the bars but shyness keeps you locked away, depriving the world of the wonderful qualities you have to offer and stopping you from living a bigger life. 
Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to fit into new surroundings whether that be a job, school, social group or location.  Maybe you’re wanting career progression or to expand your social circle but you’re surrounded by others who just seem to exude confidence and feel that in order to fit in, you’ll have to somehow change your personality or pretend to be someone you’re not.  Shyness can feel like an impregnable barrier leaving you feeling stuck, paralysed and that’s where I come in.


Work with me to:
·       Understand the origins of your shyness
·       Identify and dispel limiting self-beliefs
·       Notice and challenge negative thought patterns
·       Change unhelpful ‘safety seeking’ behaviours
·       Understand anxiety and how to manage it
·       Break things down into manageable pieces to achieve your goals
·       Build your resilience to overcome obstacles
·       Raise your self esteem

All of which will allow you to push past your fears, say yes to things instead of no and leave you feeling fully engaged with life rather than watching from the side lines. 

With my first-hand experience of how real the struggle is, I understand the importance of support, reassurance and gentle encouragement.  I’m not here to pressure you or force you to do things that feel too scary and completely overwhelming. 
I am here to help you help yourself, cheer you on and be your No 1 supporter. 

Shyness sucks but it needn't hold you back, don't just take my word for it ....

It's entirely possible to overcome shyness, I know first hand, I've walked the walk.

"When I sought help from Carrie  I had concerns about anxiety/confidence but I decided to work with Carrie because she was friendly and caring and seemed a better fit than others I'd spoken to. I'm so pleased I did because now I feel better about myself and can start my life. My life is now back on track and things are manageable when I break things down."


Personal Investment:
£65 per session.  Payment can either be weekly or for a block of sessions. 

Sessions are 50 minutes

Price Guarantee:
There will be no fee increases during the time we are working together. The fee charged when we start our work will not change. Whether we work for a handful of sessions or longer, you will pay the same fee as when we began.

Clearview Counselling is located just outside Sittingbourne, Kent and is only a short drive from the County town of Maidstone.  The countryside setting with far reaching views offers peace and tranquillity; the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life.
Car parking is free and readily available immediately outside.
NB for those with allergies, please note  2 cats reside in the property but don't worry we can still work together online.

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