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Overcome shyness

Online Counselling

It’s normal when meeting anyone new to feel anxious but for us shy ones, the very thought of it can feel completely overwhelming ….. hello and welcome Online Counselling! 
With a variety of platforms available, we can work together from the comfort of your own home meaning you don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed meeting someone new in an unfamiliar place.

We can meet via video call, live chat or email exchanges, giving you the choice of which platform feels most comfortable.  We can use one method or perhaps a blended approach as you grow in confidence, whatever feels right for you.

Online Counselling

Video Call

Female wearing a headset

Video Counselling is a great alternative for those of you who are perhaps not quite up to meeting in person just yet.  It can be a great ice breaker if you want to meet in person but need to ‘dip a toe’ in first.

Email Counselling

Image of a laptop screen with email open

Working this way means there is no pressure for you to speak in the moment. You can draft, re write, delete, all in your own time, you decide your pace of communication.

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Instant Messaging

Female typing on a keyboard
If  being on camera feels too much at the moment, no problem, we can use instant messaging.   Instant feedback working this way can be comforting for those wanting to interact and respond immediately.
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Personal Investment:
£65 per session.  Payment can either be weekly or for a block of sessions. 

Sessions are 50 minutes

Price Guarantee:
There will be no fee increases during the time we are working together. The fee charged when we start our work will not change. Whether we work for a handful of sessions or longer, you will pay the same fee as when we began.

Sessions will take place over Zoom.

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