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10 Awesome Gifts of Shyness

So often, shyness is seen as an undesirable trait and sure it can bring it’s challenges. I clearly remember my struggles whether that be what you might consider the ‘bigger’ things such as changing schools, going for job interviews, joining new clubs to seemingly small things such as asking someone the time or simply saying hello.

Being shy affords us with some pretty awesome qualities which we often take for granted or simply don’t realise such as modesty, good decision making, creativity, empathy, cautiousness, adaptability, self-sufficiency and as well as being good team players we are great friends to have. So let’s have a look at these qualities in a little more detail.

1. Modesty

Being shy we don’t; like being the focus of attention so we’re less likely to engage with drama or create conflict and tend to engage in conversations of greater quality rather than make small talk. Despite finding it hard to make contact initially, when we do connect with others, we present as authentic approachable and empathetic which is very attractive.

2. Good Decision Makers

Being shy means we’re naturally more cautious; we tend to stand back and weigh things up before diving straight in. This caution leads us to make more considered and reasoned decisions rather than rash ones.

3. Creativity

Shyness means we tend to turn inward thereby cultivating a rich imagination. We’re more likely to spend time alone focussing on our creative skills rather than engaging in small talk with others.

4. Empathy

Us shy ones tend to be more considerate, sensitive and empathetic to how others needs and how they are feeling. We care how others perceive us therefore we play close attention to how we present ourselves and what we say. This sensitivity is great as people see us for who we are – kind and caring.

5. Cautiousness

Being shy means we think carefully before speaking, we consider the pros and cons. We look both ways before jumping in, planning for worst outcomes and avoiding unnecessary risks. We tend to follow a strong moral code and therefore rarely find ourselves in trouble. Parents, teachers and other figures of authority are more likely to trust us to make the right choices.

6. Adaptability

Shyness often means we avoid certain environments but there are of course some situations that we have to attend. We may rather not go but we do what we need to and it’s this finding ways to cope that makes us stronger. Those of us who have struggled with shyness their whole life know what it means to endure and overcome challenging situations and feelings. The struggle against shyness helps us develop the ability to cope with life’s difficulties.

7. Self Sufficiency

We all need support but for those of us who are shy, we’re better at finding strategies to cope with things that don’t rely on others. Many jobs require sharp focus and concentration in isolated environments, these are fields in which we can flourish.

8. Team Players

With our great listening skills, attention to detail and empathy, us shy ones are perceived as trustworthy and will ‘get the job done’ so others are more likely to want to work with us. Risk takers and go getters are certainly an important within a team but shy people provide the vital sense of balance. Being shy doesn’t mean we can only be effective in a solitary environments, we are equally important in both.

9. Form Close Friendships

Shy people tend to create more long term and meaningful friendships. Although we may have fewer friends, the quality of the friendships is often deeper. We find it easier to spend time with others in intimate settings. Our listening skills and reserved nature means we form strong bonds. Since making friends is not so easy, we place more importance on the friends we already have and tend to avoid small talk meaning friendships are unlikely to be superficial.

For years I regarded being shy as a bad thing but rarely in life is anything ever ALL good or bad. I’ve come to realise there are lots of positive things about being shy and by recognising and embracing them it has helped transform my relationship with shyness from feeling like an invisible cage to a pretty cool platform from which to grow.

When we take the time to think of all the pros we can see that actually shyness does have a brighter side rather than being just a barrier in life. So, what do you think? Do these gifts of shyness apply to you? And, can you think of any other benefits of being shy? I’d love to hear, pop them in the comments below.

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